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[TXT] GNUmakefile[GRAPH] 1.15 2 years mmondor Fix circular dependency
[TXT] README[GRAPH] 1.9 3 years mmondor Another planned feature
[TXT] character.lisp[GRAPH] 1.6 3 years mmondor Add more mappings
[TXT] const-file.lisp[GRAPH] 1.8 3 years mmondor Fix a const -> non-const assignment warning
[TXT] crow-test-applications.lisp[GRAPH] 1.8 2 years mmondor - Write MAKE-URL utility - Use it where it makes sense - URL-DECODE REQUEST-PATH...
[TXT] dlist.lisp[GRAPH] 1.3 3 years mmondor Add INLINE DECLAIMations when appropriate for small frequently called functions
[TXT] ecl-mp-server.lisp[GRAPH] 1.45 2 years mmondor Use an explicit unsigned 32-bit integer for the session ID
[TXT] embedded-files.lisp[GRAPH] 1.3 3 years mmondor - Drop htdocs/favicon.ico and replace it by htdocs/crow-httpd-icon.png - Make VH...
[TXT] html.lisp[GRAPH] 1.11 4 years mmondor DO-HTML cleanup
[TXT] httpd-config.lisp[GRAPH] 1.19 2 years mmondor Shorten pastebin URLs a bit, although ideally it should be a top-level handler u...
[TXT] httpd.lisp[GRAPH] 1.59 2 years mmondor Add a few more unreserved characters to the URL-ENCODE check
[TXT] io.lisp[GRAPH] 1.3 3 years mmondor Minor optimizations Reenable io:vector-write in HTTP-REPLY-FLUSH for further tes...
[TXT] mime-types.lisp[GRAPH] 1.2 4 years mmondor - Use function qualifiers rather than symbols or functions so that we may use ...
[TXT] syslog.lisp[GRAPH] 1.5 3 years mmondor Fix warnings caused by lacking headerfile includes.

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